Beyond the Point:
It is located at Black Point on Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. Situated on a cliff, 20m above the water overlooking Gulf St Vincent, it provides stunning 180° coastal views. The building itself is simple but elegant, utilising large areas of glass and decking to maximise the views.

Barbecue at sunset and toast the evening panorama of cascading hues, or relish in the spectacle of a brewing storm. And in the morning, breakfast on the deck overlooking the shimmering, glistening sea. While most people tend to gravitate towards the coast over summer, each season has its own unique appeal here. Autumn with its Indian summer weather is mostly mild and balmy, during winter the countryside is crisp and green and between storms you get beautiful serene sunny days with big evening tides, then spring heralds longer warmer days & renewed growth.
Set on an acre, your privacy is assured - there are no near neighbours to annoy or be annoyed by. There is easy access via a stairway to your own private beach, where you can swim, fish, crab snorkel, fossick, canoe or just bask in the sun.

As the tide comes in, schools of fish, sting rays, dolphins and even the occasional sun baking sea lion can be observed. The bird life is abundant and includes hooded plovers, cormorants, divers, pelicans, crested terns, gannets, nankeen kestrels & grey herons, which can be seen daily foraging at low tide.

Local Facilities
Black Point boat ramp is 2km to the south and the Pine Point general store 2km to the north has petrol, bottle shop, take away food, bait and other essentials. Ardrossan which is 20 km to the north is the nearest major town and has a supermarket and an award winning bakery, both open 7 days per week. Vacswim is conducted at Black Point in early January.

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